State: ME
Resource Intensity: Medium
Co-founding: Yes
Cost Share: 25%
Sector: Adaptation / Resilience
Support Stage: Planning
Support to: Local Governments
Type of Funding: Grant

This program is administered by the Department of Marine Resources. “Shore and Harbor Planning Grants promote: sound waterfront planning and harbor management, balanced development of shore and harbor areas, planning for waterfront infrastructure improvements, planning for climate resiliency and access to the shore. Funds may be used for development of plans for waterfront facilities and amenities, harbor and mooring plans, waterfront vulnerability assessments and resiliency plans, development of regulatory and non-regulatory approaches to waterfront conservation and improvement, development of planning studies for public and working access, development of plans and designs for harbor improvements, and development of management plans for municipal waterfront facilities. ” Minimum grant award is $5,000 and maximum grant award is $30,000. Applications are due in June 2020 and partnerships are encouraged for the application.