State: AK
Resource Intensity: Medium
Co-founding: Yes
Cost Share: 20%
Sector: Renewable Energy
Support Stage: Implementation
Support to: Local Governments, Other Governmental Agencies, Power Producers, Utilities
Type of Funding: Grant

This program is administered by the Alaska Energy Authority. Stemming from the Alaska Legislature, the Renewable Energy Grant Fund was established in 2008 (with program funding through 2022), designed to reduce the cost of energy in Alaska by providing grant funding to renewable energy projects. Eligible projects include hydroelectric facility, direct use of renewable energy resources, facility that generates electricity from fuel cells, or a facility that generates energy from renewable energy resources. Alternatively, a project could be related to transmission or distribution infrastructure that links renewable energy projects or natural gas projects to other infrastructure. The amount of matching funds obtained by the applicant are one of the scoring criterion for this competitive grant project. Total funding available fluctuates year to year, the legislature budgeted $50 million annually for the program at its outset. Overall, the AEA recommends that 75% of program funds go to reconnaissance studies and feasibility/conceptual design or energy resource monitoring, with the final 25% directed towards final design and permitting as well as construction. Project limits: $1 million in low energy cost areas or $2 million in high energy cost areas. Overall, funding can not exceed 20% of costs. Applications are due in September 2020.