State: MD
Resource Intensity: Low
Co-founding: No
Cost Share: N/A
Sector: Energy
Support Stage: Implementation
Support to: Government of any level, Private Entities, Public Entities
Type of Funding: Grant

This program is administered by the Energy Administration. “Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) offers grants for installing solar photovoltaic (PV) over parking lots with electric vehicle (EV) chargers.   The system must install a minimum of 75 kW of solar mounted on a canopy structure over the parking lot with a minimum of four qualified Level II or Level III EV chargers. The program offers grant up to $500 per kW of PV installed with a maximum cap of $250,000 per project. Total fund of $2 million is available for FY 2015 for the program. The project must be located in a parking lot in Maryland which is accessible for use at least five days a week. Systems must be net-metered. Please visit the program website for more information. ” Applications are due in December 2020.