State: DE
Resource Intensity: Medium
Co-founding: Yes
Cost Share: 50%
Sector: Active Transportation, Greening and Land Use
Support Stage: Implementation, Planning
Support to: Local Governments, Park Districts, Regional Housing Authorities, School Districts, Traditional Councils, Tribal Consortiums or Councils, Native Regional and Village corporations, Unincorporated Villages
Type of Funding: Grant, Technical Assistance

This program is administered by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. “The Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Trails (ORTP) Program is a match based grant program that aims to help with land acquisition for public parks and outdoor recreation facility development in Delaware. Trust-generated income is used to fund the ORPT Program. Since 1988 when the first grants were awarded, the ORPT Program has provided over $30 million in matching grant assistance to eligible local, county and state governments throughout Delaware. A grant match is required. ” Awards range between $5,000 and $100,000.