State: NH
Resource Intensity: Low
Co-founding: Yes
Cost Share: 50%
Sector: Energy
Support Stage: Implementation, Planning
Support to: Local Governments
Type of Funding: Grant

This program is administered by the NHSaves. “Energy savings for municipalities will result in a more successful, energy efficient future for communities across New Hampshire. Municipal retrofit incentives include financial and technical services associated with installing new energy efficient equipment to replace old, inefficient equipment in existing facilities. Incentives are available for:
Air compressors
Custom projects
Energy efficient motors
Heating and water heating controls
Industrial process equipment
Kitchen equipment
Lighting conversions and controls
Space heating and cooling
Variable frequency drives (VFDs)
Weatherization and insulation
Services include:
Detailed gas or electrical energy assessment
Educational programs and seminars
Review of energy efficient equipment proposals
Turnkey retrofits for small commercial customers”