State: MD
Resource Intensity: Medium
Co-founding: Yes
Cost Share: 20%
Sector: Energy
Support Stage: Implementation
Support to: Local Governments
Type of Funding: Grant

This program is administered by the Energy Administration. The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) offers financial incentives for local governments to join its Maryland Smart Energy Communities (MSEC) initiative. The goal of the MSCE program is to have local governments adopt and implement policies that promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in their jurisdictions. As of 2015, there are 34 communities, including 26 municipalities and 7 counties plus Baltimore City that are part of the MSEC program. The funding for the program will be divided between new and existing participants to the MSEC program. New participants will receive initial funding to help establish energy goals in the local community. Energy Efficiency Policy: Establish an energy consumption baseline and develop a plan with the goal of reducing energy consumption of the city/town or county owned buildings by 15% by 5 years of the baseline year.