State: FL
Resource Intensity: Medium
Co-founding: Yes
Cost Share: 50%
Sector: Adaptation / Resilience
Support Stage: Implementation, Planning
Support to: Local Governments, Public Universities, Regional Planning Councils, National Estuary Programs, Non-Profits
Type of Funding: Grant

This program is administered by the Department of Environmental Protection. The CPI program is designed to support four policy areas: Resilient Communities, Coastal Resources Stewardship, Access to Coastal Resources and Working Waterfronts. Financial awards are at least $10,000 and no more than $60,000 for construction projects, habitat restoration, invasive plant removal or land acquisition, and no more than $30,000 for planning, design or coordination activities. Applications are due September 2020. If the applicant is not a local government, the applicant must partner with the local government in the affected area.