State: CA
Resource Intensity: High
Co-founding: No
Cost Share: N/A
Sector: Housing, Transportation
Support Stage: Implementation
Support to: Local Governments, Community College District, Congestion Management Agency, Developer or Program Operator, Joint Powers Authority, Local Transportation Commission, Public Housing Authority, School Districts, Transit Agency or Operator, Native American Tribe, University
Type of Funding: Grant, Loan

This program is administered by the California Strategic Growth Council. This program is designed tor educe GHG emissions through multi faceted projects, combining housing, transportation, land use and agriculture land preservation. Other components include reducing air pollution, improving disadvantaged communities, supporting public health, improving connectivity, increasing public transit ridership, increasing mobility options, and protecting agricultural lands through infill development. Leveraged funds are a scoring criterion. Applications are due in February 2021. The City of Riverside recently won a grant.