State: MN
Resource Intensity: Medium
Co-founding: Yes
Cost Share: 50%
Sector: Waste
Support Stage: Transaction/Investment
Support to: Local Governments
Type of Funding: Loan

This program is administered by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Eligible projects include: green chemistry, pollution prevention, source reduction, recycling, and source-separated compostable materials.

Loans are limited to the capital costs of implementing waste or pollution prevention technologies. Capital costs are limited to the costs of acquisition of machinery and equipment, including freight and installation, and related improvements. Two loan types are offered: participatory and direct.

Participatory loans provide for awards up to a maximum loan of $250,000 at zero percent interest (if funding is available in the revolving account). Participatory loan funds must be matched by loans from a participating financial institution (50% match). An administrative fee may be added to the participatory loan to defray costs associated with the servicing of the loan. Direct loans are limited to businesses/entities.